Ilford Awards U.K. (1993) 
    Winner of both the Electronic Imaging and Advertising categories

Best Overall Cinematography (2005) 
    International Festival of Science Fiction and Horror for Stephen King’s Gotham Café


My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving (2017)

    Director: Charles Unger | Producers: Richard Soriano, Holly Soriano

Guitars And Guns (2017)

    Director: Robin Mountjoy | Producers: Rob Hawk, Semyon White, Robin Mountjoy

Western Noir (2017)

    Director: Jennifer Barlow | Producer: Michele McMillan

Angels On Tap (2016)

    Director: Trudy Sargent | Producers: Burt Prelutsky, Howard Osias, Brian Robles, Trudy Sargent

Slammed (2016)

    Director: Trudy Sargent | Producers: Shena Adl, Howard Osias, Brian Robles, Trudy Sargent

Cult of the Vampire (2016)

    Director: Andrew MacKenzie | Producers: Andrew MacKenzie, Lorri Amsden

Modulation (2015)

    Director: Brock Davis | Producer: Brock Davis

Occupational Hazards (2015)

    Directors: Rachel Dunn, Melissa Hellman | Producers: Rachel Dunn, Melissa Hellman

Mirrored (2015)

    Director: Bradford hill | Producer: Bradford Hill

No Honkey (2015)

    Director -Crafty St.James | Producer -Crafty St.James

Squeaky Clean (2015)

    Director -Crafty St.James | Producer -Crafty St.James

Frida's Turn (2014)

    Director: Jay J. Levy | Producer: Jay J. Levy

Dream of me (2013)

    Director: Giorgio Fabbri | Producers: Giorgio Fabbri, Federico Soncini

Loverzzz (2013)

    Directors: Angelo Campanile, Elisa Manzini | Producers: Angelo Campanile, Elisa Manzini, Bettina Mayr, Anita Moha, Amir Orbach

A fuller Life (2013)

    Director: Samantha Fuller | Producers: Samantha Fuller, Gillian Horvat, Christa Lang

Aura (2013)

    Director: Cole Smith | Producers: Cole Smith, Bob Salatich

Out of the Fire (2013)

    Director: John Kersey | Producers: John Kersey, Jennifer Buttell

Hello November (2012)

    Director: Anthony Faust | Producer: Anthony Faust

shady Lane (2010)

    Director: Lisa-Doggans-Farr-Jagodzinsky | Producers: Glen Jagodzinski, Rachel Dunn

A Cup of Tea (2010)

    Director: Barrett Amato | Producers: Barrett Amato, Kevin Walsh

The Martyrdom of St. Agnes (2010)

    Director: Marc Landas | Producer: Carrie Lynn Certa

Penny Dreadfuls - Feeding (2009)

    Director: James Arnall | Producers: Betsy Johnson, January Arnall

Sierra Spirits (2009)

    Director: Gary Brummer | Producers: Gary Brummer, Bill Buck, Denise Cusimano

The 6 Month Rule ( 2009)

    Director: Linda Anderson | Producer: Pegy Irby

Twilight Tango (2009)

    Director: Jason Sting | Producers: Jason Sting, Victor Tang

Exact Bus Fare (2008)

    Director: Chris Marazzo | Producer: Chris Marazzo

Not Another Teen Pregnancy Movie (2008)

    Director: Matt Stokes | Producers: Matt Stokes, Jenifer Losi

Alien Encounter (2008)

    Director: Andrew McKenzie | Producer: Andrew McKenzie, Dave Gist

Dirty Magazines (2008)

    Director: Jay J. Levy | Producers: Christina Jin, Jay J. Levy, Stephanie Mojica, Aron Wachholz

A Four Cent Carol (2008)

    Director: Rob Steiner | Producer: Robert Amico, Erika Gardner, Dave Gist

Welcome Home (2007)

    Director: Raul Contreras | Producer: Jennifer Buttell, John Kersey, Linda Burden-Williams

Metal Mania: Stripped Across America Live! (2006) (V)

    Director: Jack Edward Sawyers | Producers: Jack Edward Sawyers, Jamie Talbo

Beautiful Daughters (2006) (TV)

    Director: Josh Aronson | Producer: Josh Aronson, Ted Gesing, Ariel Orr Jordan

Changing Spots (2006)

    Director: Susan Turley | Producers: Lane West, Susan Turley, Cynthia Rush, Danielle Egnew, Denise Smith, Rachel Dunn

Stephen King's Gotham Cafe (2005)

    Director: Jack Edward Sawyers | Producers: Laura Hope, Laurence Ring, Julie Sands, Steve Wozniak

Survival of the Fittest (2005)

    Director: Daria Price | Producer: Daria Price

Unseen Evil 2 ... aka Alien 3000 (2004)

    Director: Jeff Leroy | Producer: David S. Sterling, Brandy Johnston, Kenneth Kallberg, Lorenzo Lamas, Corbin Timbrook

Walls (2003)

    Director: Chris Van De Polder | Producer: Hassan Kahn, Chris Van De Polder

Discovery (2002)

    Director: Robert Cook | Producers: Robert Cook, Rachel Dunn

Additional Cinematography/Camera Operator/Gaffer:

Bates Motel (2013)

    Second Unit Camera Operator, Seasons 1 and 2

Among Friends (2012)

    Gaffer | DP: John Orphan | Director: Danielle Harris

Parks and Recreation (2009)

    Additional Cinematograpy, Seasons 1

Dirty Girl (2008)

    Second Unit DP | Director: Jennifer Clary

Mango Kiss (2004)

     Additional Cinematography | Director: Sascha Rice

I Love Your Work (2003)

    Additional Camera Operator | Director: Adam Goldberg

VFX/Composite Supervision:

They Came from Outer Space (2008) 
    VFX Supervisor | Kinetoscope

A Four Cent Carol (2008) 
    VFX Supervisor | Kinetoscope

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure (2007) 
    Composite Supervisor

The Tillamook Treasure (2006) 
    VFX Supervisor | Kinetoscope

Herbie Fully Loaded (2005) 
    Composite Supervisor | Entity FX

Sky Captain and the world of Tomorrow(2004)   
    Composite Supervisor | Stan Winston Studio

VFX Compositor:

The Oscars (2015)
    Nuke compositor | Rock Paper Scissors

Expendables 3 (2014)
    Nuke compositor | Mirada

Pacific Rim (2013)
    Nuke compositor | Mirada

X-Men: The last Stand (2006)
    Lead compositor | Kinetoscope

Slither (2006)
   lead compositor | Kinetoscope

Aliens of the Deep (2005)
    Lead compositor | EarthShip

Looney Tunes, Back in Action (2003)
    Lead compositor | Warner Digital

xXx (2003)
    Nuke compositor | Digital Domain

The Time Machine (2002)
    Nuke compositor | Digital Domain

StormRider (2001)
    Lead compositor | Digital Domain

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
    Nuke compositor | Digital Domain

Red Planet (2000)
    Lead compositor | Digital Domain

O Brother, Where Art thou? (2000)
    Lead compositor | Digital Domain

Supernova (2000)
    Lead compositor | Digital Domain

Fight Club (1999)
    Nuke compositor | Digital Domain

EDTV (1999)
    Lead compositor | Digital Domain

What Dreams May Come (1998)
    Lead compositor | Digital Domain

Armageddon (1998)
    Lead compositor | Digital Domain

Kundun (1997)
    Nuke compositor | Digital Domain

Titanic (1997)
    Lead compositor | Digital Domain

Red Corner (1997)
    Nuke compositor | Digital Domain

The Fifth Element (1997)
    Nuke compositor | Digital Domain

Dante's Peak (1997)
    Lead compositor | Digital Domain

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